Hey! You've found the Squidster!! Welcome!

SqCI (pronounced "squeecy") is a small consulting & integration firm, specializing in Linux (all distributions, yeah even Slackware!), GNU/OpenSource technologies and software.

However, SqCI is also firmly grounded and experienced in Unix systems, covering all major commercial variants of Unix (unfortunately not many is left, compared to the 80s *sob*), and the BSD variants.

So what do we do, you may ask? All things Linux/Unix...

Furthermore, you may replace "Linux/Unix" with other major GNU/ OpenSource applications such as Apache, Samba, Netfilter, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Plone, Zope, LVS, etc.

The Squid is actually Wai-Sun Chia whose resume/curriculum-vitae can be downloaded on the top link.

As with Internet tradition, this site will be a permanent work-in-progress, but we'll release fast and release often :-)

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